The 'One in A Million' Tour

The Blue coast & Wine Route

Arrábida Natural Park is formed by a multitude of landscapes with rare features. Situated by the sea, with a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean, the highest cliff of Europe plummets into the giant crystal blue sea.

White sandy bays and cosy beaches enrich this wonderful coastline. The park offers one of the most beautiful sights in Portugal and quite possibly the world…

A visit to the São Filipe Fort where the first defensive walls were built in the 14th century is one of the high points of this tour. It was built on the river, in a dominant position to protect the city of Setúbal from pirates and Buccaneers.

From the fortified walls, we will see one of the most breathtakingly panoramic views of the city bay.

The Setúbal Peninsula is a unique place; it is home to one of the oldest wine regions in Portugal - Moscatel de Setúbal, an emblematic treasure among the Portuguese wines.

At the beautiful Manor House, founded in 1834, we will start an amazing tour through 200 years of wine history.

We will step into an ancient wine cellar where the wealthiest treasures are hidden. Live a truly sensory experience; sample the angels’ nectar with a special wine tasting.

The Setúbal Peninsula and Arrábida Natural Park invite you to experience an unforgettable day.

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