The Beautiful Algarve

Algarve; the name is of Arabic origin -  “Al-Gharb" - which means The West. Historically, the region has been inhabited by many different civilisations; the Barbarians, the Romans and the Moors.

Under Islamic rule for over five centuries (711-1249 ), the Moors had an extraordinary influence over this land.  Throughout their long dominion, the Algarve flourished culturally and economically.

Walk through the towns and villages of the Algarve with me. Discover this little precious gems which are glowing over the hills and sea. Step by step, open your arms to the unknown and admire these hidden treasures.

We will experience new sensations and be reinvigorated by walking back in time.   


The magnificent Silves was once an important Muslim centre of culture, science and technology. Built by the Arabs in the XI century, Silves castle reflects the splendour that Islamic civilization brought to the Algarve.

Today the castle is a romantic place to stroll, one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the city.

Walking the cobbled streets makes us wonder what life was like ten centuries ago.


A green and luxurious foliage spreads over the mountain of Monchique.

Travelling through peaks and cosy valleys, we will be rewarded with fabulous scenic views and the exuberant floral beauty of this region.

A long time ago, when sailors were returning from long periods at sea, the mountain would be their first joyful glimpse of land.

At the summit (Fóia), there is an impressive natural viewpoint 902 meters above sea level. There are breath-taking views of the Algarve and Alentejo with the sea and hills on the horizon.


Lagos is historically intertwined with the Portuguese maritime explorers. From here, brave sailors departed to discover the North of Africa. Due to its local geography, it became a very important mercantile town in the 15th century.

Today Lagos is an active and dynamic town, proud of its past, with one of the best cultural environments in the Algarve.


Our next stop is Sagres and Cape St. Vincent, the most Southwest point of mainland Europe. We will slow our pace to get into the rhythm of the zone and discover that simple things in life are often the best.

This mystical area is a gateway to an ethereal land with a unique atmosphere, where we will be enveloped in its wild landscape and imposing cliffs perched over the sea. Positioned on the high edge of the scarp shining its powerful beam, the lighthouse shares its hopeful message. Here at the end of the world we pray for a better future.

At the end of this marvellous journey, we will be rewarded with an outstanding sunset.


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