The Peaceful Algarve

Sunny Loulé

Between the green hills lies the city of Loulé. Here we find an impressive Moorish-inspired building. The town is renowned for having one of the best food markets in the region. Its colourful stalls are brimming with fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, cheeses and regional sweets.

It’s a popular and inspiring place with a lively, exciting atmosphere. Mingle with the locals while they purchase their locally sourced products.

Cork Oak Tree

The Cork oak Tree is an important tree in Portugal. It takes twenty five years to reach its maturity and that’s when the first stripping occurs.

Cork harvesting can be only done once every nine years and the tree provide a harvest for some 200 years.

The process of peeling the cork tree safely is highly skilled and this expertise is passed down from generation to generation.

The Algarve produces some of the best cork in Portugal. Visit this unique place and understand this natural resource.

East Algarve - Charming Tavira

Tavira is a picturesque fishing town embracing a natural paradise. The islands of Ria Formosa are where we find golden sandy beaches surrounded by the crystal clear sea.

At the top of the town’s Castle, we can admire the Gilão River running through the centre under the Roman Bridge. The river is surrounded by cobbled streets and centenary pyramid roof buildings.

Travelling through our land, we will write and record our memories in a travel journal.



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